Cape Royal SunsetLightning at Cape RoyalPink and blue colors highlight a sunset in Monument Valley with Ansel Adams rocks in the foregroundThe Mittens with Merrick Butte at midday in Monument Valley.Vibrant colors in the sky of red,blue and yellow as the sun begins to rise behind the East Mitten in Monument Valley.The sun's rays fan out from behind the East Mitten as dark blue clouds loom above.Rainbow over the Grand CanyonHighway leads the way through the desert to Monument Valley.Sunset at south rim Grand CanyonPine tree with West mitten in the background at mid-morning in the desert of Monument Valley.Pink skies over sand dunesEastern Sierra Fall colorsLake Tahoe sunriseorange and yellow colors over sand dunesMaroon Bells SunriseCrystal MillMaroon Bells before sunriseMountain ViewSand Dune SunriseColorado Autumn