Death Valley in February - Mike Swindle Photography

Death Valley in February

Posted: February 22,2015

February is a good time to visit Death Valley, California if you don't like extremely hot weather and crowds. Once we landed in Las Vegas and got the rental vehicle, Joyce and I, headed out to Death Valley, which is about  a 2 hour drive. The direction I chose was to avoid the interstate and just do a nice scenic drive through Nevada and then on to Death Valley. The temperature was in the  mid 80's, which is really nice for almost any climate. 

Desert Sunrise

This photo is sunrise at the Mesquite Dunes. These dunes seem out of place at first because there aren't any other sand dunes in Death Valley, that we came across. The temperature was in the 50's which is cool but not like the frigid temps that we left behind in Tennessee a few days earlier. The dried cracked ground were in the gullies of the sand dunes and this particular patch  caught my eye because the trees or bushes framed the mountains in the distant background as the sun began to rise over the mountains on the right.


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